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Ragdoll Smasher is based on a very stupid idea: Throwing a character in the air to break stuff. The level is complete once everything is on the ground. The goal is to throw the smallest number of characters. New structures appear as you progress through the 11 levels of the game. Keep in touch as more levels will be added soon!

After downloading and decompressing, just launch the game using one of the "PLAY" scripts, choosing the appropriate screen resolution. Hit space to begin the game. Use the mouse to play: The arrows show the direction and strength of the throw (see screenshots). Use left click to throw a character. Hit escape to exit at any time (best scores are automatically recorded).

Aiming: Characters are thrown in the direction opposite to the arrows. The more arrows, the stronger they get punched. Check out the You Tube video to learn how to aim.

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In order to play you need:

  • 2 GHz processor or higher.
  • GPU must support shader model 2. Why shader model 2? Well because I develop games on my spare time and did not yet have time to implement software fallbacks for the character skinning. It's planned for some day...
  • A mouse.


  • At the bottom left of the screen you can see the frame rate and the simulation speed (number of iterations per seconds). The frame rate is limited to the screen refresh - this is how it should be in order to leave time for the physics simulation. Do *NOT* force vertical sync off, or you might experience problems in game.
  • If the application complains about a missing DirectX DLL (e.g. d3dx_30.dll) you need to update directX with the latest version available at: (I recommend the DirectX End User Runtime Full Download).


Download, uncompress, click and play! (nothing to install :-).

Ragdoll Smasher

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3.8 Mo



If everything explodes around you while playing the game, this is not the game's fault. If your computer breaks, burns, screams, colapses, or worse, blue screens, this might be the game fault but you've been warned.

.:[Change log]:.

  • [2006-07-19] v1.0 First release
  • [2008-05-14] v1.01 Fixed 'elastic band' effect

.:[Credits and acknoledgements]:.

.:[Known issues]:.

  • Some structures may fall at level start.
  • Characters can be locked 'mid-air' if thrown too quickly.


(c) Sylvain Lefebvre 2007 - All rights reserved.
Distribution of all or parts without author consent is strictly forbiden.

Ragdoll Smasher - (c) Sylvain Lefebvre 2007 - all rights reserved