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Jalweg registred v1.1 - Windows

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Jalweg registred v1.1 - Linux

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More levels !

These levels are not included in the distribution. They have been created by other users of Jalweg. If you create a new level with the editor send it at and I will made it available for everybody :)

Level name Screenshot Download !

Send your replays !

Each time you finish a level (dead or alive), your replay is saved in a file named "replay.jalweg" . If you have done a better time than the one in the hall of fame, send this file to us ; and you will reach fame and fortune by appearing in the Jalweg hall of fame ;)

Create your own levels !

The game includes a level editor that can be reached by pressing the tabulation key. The interface of the editor is not exactly user friendly - however all levels were created using it so ... it is possible to make something with it :)

The best way to learn is to load existing levels and to look how they are build.

The element of a level in Jalweg are

The basic editor commands are:

For each editing mode there is a set of different commands which are described here:

There is not tutorial for now but if many people are insterested in building levels (I hope so :) I will be pleased to create one.

Networked game beta test !

Jalweg already includes a beta version of its networked game. You can try it ! Feel free to send me your comments and bug reports!

The easiest way to play in network is to use the game launcher.

To launch a network server from the command line:

To launch a network client from the command line:

Complete example:

When playing a network game, each player control a hero and is chased by one monster. You have to destroy other player's hero by making your monster colliding with them to win. The game ends when a player score reach 4 kills.

And that's all ... for now ! Thank you again for registering !

Sylvain Lefebvre.

Jalweg (c) Sylvain Lefebvre 2002-2003 all rights reserved